In this section we invite our members to share an affirmation and a corresponding contemplation that they have found to be a useful part of their program of spiritual growth and development.   


“You cannot, while in the physical body, raise the vibrations of that body itself to a great degree, but you can raise the vibrations of the spirit housed within that body, and in this manner touch with those that are of a higher vibration, and as long as you hold this vibration of being, of spirit, you can hold contact with those that touch with you from the higher spheres.”   -Spirit teacher White Lily from the lecture “Vibrations (Pt. 1)  

"As I think, so I become."  

"We are spiritual beings having a human experience."   

"The power of thought is greater than you have dreamed of. There are many laws that govern God’s plan, natural laws, that the world must evolve by. The world, at this time, has but touched the surface of these laws. They do not know or realize what an abundance is there for them, but have but learned the first letters and have discarded the rest of the book. There are laws of attraction, laws of compensation and many others; all of these can only be put into practice through thought. You must first understand power of thought, use it in the way it must be used to further God’s plan, then all of these will be added unto you."  -Spirit teacher White Lily (from the lecture "Thought")   


"I raise my vibration level. 
I see, hear and communicate clearly with those in the spirit realm. 
I raise my vibration level."  

"I am a positive person. My thoughts, feelings and words are uplifting to myself and to those around me. I am a positive person."  

"I am a spirit being. I have a body, but I am not this body. I have a mind, but I am not this mind. I am a spirit being."  

"I have purity of thought. My thoughts are focused. My thoughts are positive. My thoughts are appropriate. I have purity of thought."


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